Black woven PP&PE ground cover resists tearing, puncturing and weed penetration. It is approved for most government weed control applications.  Light weight, economical fabric that provides moisture and weed control in greenhouses, outdoor areas and uncovered plantings.
It is UV stabilized and permeable to air and water and is a low-cost ecology-safe alternative to herbicide use.
Fabric made from absolutely black color PP or HDPE tapes,green ID tapes can be used (according to client’s requirements),and with heat cut edge or ultrasonic cut edge.
We supply popular 3oz(102gsm)、95gsm、90gsm 、120gsm ground cover which with width of 3'、 4'、40"、6'、10'、 12'、 15'、17.5' and length in 300'、1,000'、3,000’ per roll etc.
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